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This Is Big Sidney!

Sidney Moore was a loving husband, father, brother, son, family member and friend who left us far too young (at only 49 years old)

His humor and smile was infectious & engaging. He was a blast to hang-out with and impacted people deeply. 

He could turn any randomly dull moment into an interesting, thought provoking and even "gut-busting-laughing" moment. 

I mean, it was a gift he had, to make you laugh on demand... to spark a fascinating conversation out of thin air... to leave a lasting impression on you long after you talked with him...

He made you think... made you see things in new ways... and would then bust out with his trademark laugh, only he has.

You would catch yourself thinking "where did that come from?" lol!!

He would have these creative, off-the-wall analogies or symbolisms about anything and everything.  Deep-thinking stuff.  Stuff that made you go... hmmm?

He was a rare 'bird' indeed.

Sidney had a huge heart and wore his emotions on his sleeve.  He would get emotional at the drop of a hat if talking about his wife, or kids, or family, or anyone who was in need!

Many have expressed how Sidney coached their kids in baseball... or helped special needs kids at school... or troubled kids... or helping friends and family in anyway he could.

He would go out of his way, without second thought, to help anyone... even YOU if you needed him!

Sidney would *corner-you* into a conversation about "YOU" and how special "YOU" are... how you can do great things... how you got what it takes... how you are Blessed By God.

I mean, you'd feel like a champion after one of his famous talks.

A quick phone call with Big Sid could turn into a two hour talkathon about YOU... and your life... and what you need.

He has impacted people's lives deeply and profoundly... and he is so dearly missed.  

This world lost a big hearted man, and an extremely gracious & generous person.

His kids are superstars... great people... achievers... and kind, smart, talented, well rounded individuals!

They carry on his humor and Big Heart.

Sidney & Celina raised their kids VERY WELL and the sky is the limit for each of them!

Anyone who knows these kids (Athena, Sidney Jr. and Rocco) knows how incredible of a job Sidney and Celina have done.

I mean, these kids just glow with that "it" factor and it's obvious as can be.

And they need your generous help at this tough time.

Make no mistake about it, Sidney and Celina have equipped these kids to do BIG-BIG-BIG things with their lives, and to live their lives exceptionally well.

Although Big Sidney never got to watch his son's first baseball game in college, he will NEVER miss a moment now shining down from Heaven.

He will catch EVERY moment of Athena's weight lifting competitions... and training... and journey though life!

He will always be at Rocco's basketball games, and practice, and class, and sitting next to him cracking him up like he can do so well.

He will guide his wife Celina through the rest of her life and cheer her on like the inspiring, big hearted man he's always been.

His "Celina" was his everything... and he wanted to be with Celina since High School. I know, he told me (Eric) TOO MANY TIMES back in school to the point I got sick of hearing the word "Celina". lol

BTW, My name is Eric Louviere and I was his best friend since about 14 or 15 years old, and later became his brother in law.

I'm the one writing this, and will be the facilitator for this Tribute Site and fundraiser for the kids.

When I met Sidney, little did I know that small kid who liked to talk a lot and spin practical jokes your direction, would end up changing my entire life.

He welcomed me into his house and his family became my family. His amazing mom treated me like a son and helped me through tough times as a teenager.  

I owe Sidney and his family more than I can ever express. I love Frances (his mom) more than I can say and his dad Aaron. I love his younger brothers and sister like my own siblings.

Therefore, I am honored to facilitate a fundraiser in Sidney's name, and to help support his wife and kids - (who could seriously use *YOUR* help in this tough time.)

They are devastated, and we all are, so any help you can provide them is DEEPLY appreciated and respected big time!

Your contribution goes straight to Celina (wife) and the three kids (Athena attending Texas State University... Sid Jr attending Schreiner University... and Rocco attending Los Fresnos High School.)

Losing their dad is beyond hard, but also losing income has made things very tough currently. For a loving person who would give anyone anything, I felt a duty to try to help run this fundraiser to give back to his family and help them.

Would you help? Your contribution will be a massive impact!

Sidney shared a lot of Wisdom - and deep personal inspiration to many - and was a giver!

Thanks For Reading, And Donating! :)

YOUR donation will make a huge impact and YOU will make a difference!

Many Blessings,

~The Family

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Here are some current videos of 
Athena Moore (Daughter)

Athena Performing Competitive
Weight Lifting For Texas State University!
Video Two

Athena Weightlifting Texas State

Video Three
Athena Moore

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Here are some current videos of 
Big Sidney's Son... Sidney Jr.
(Schreiner University Baseball)

Sidney Pitching

Video Two

Sidney Pitching

Here is a text Sidney shared with me (Eric) that he sent his son Sidney Jr.  He was so amped-up to watch him play and compete in college baseball.

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Here Is The Youngest Child
Rocco Moore (14 Years Old)

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More Sidney And Family Pictures 

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